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Get a comprehensive analysis on how big data benefits small businesses.

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Get a comprehensive outlook on the negative and positive impact of COVID-19 on the environment, and an expert view on the future perspective and challenges.

Get valuable insights on the COVID-19 vaccines, existing challenges and optimal tactics of vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine.

Get to know all about the history, current role, and future perspectives of global gold market.


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Kyiv Consulting is a member of the largest business community in Ukraine, the European Business Association, whose goal is to improve Ukraine's investment ecosystem. Our main advantage is our experienced team of professionals with deep expertise in their respective fields. We bring together talented individuals from various industries and sectors to develop innovative solutions for companies worldwide. Our team blends German focus on quality with Ukrainian persistence and entrepreneurial spirit. We ensure our clients' success by leveraging global resources and expertise, and the global operations and dynamic environment of Kyiv support this synergy, helping us guide organisations to success.

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