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Kyiv Consulting

Community of the innovative and inspired professionals with the aim of helping businesses worldwide strengthen their operations and achieve great success.


Kyiv Consulting

Community of the innovative and inspired professionals with the aim of helping businesses worldwide strengthen their operations and achieve great success.

About us

Firm Overview

Kyiv Consulting is redefining the essence of the management consulting market.

By combining an unwavering focus on our customers’ unique needs with our deep consulting expertise, we achieve superior results on behalf of our customers. We carefully select our consultants to make sure our customers get the highest-class expertise together with extensive experience in industry practices. Our team of dedicated consulting professionals from Ukraine and Germany demonstrates a skill set that matches their passion for challenge and innovative decision-making. Here, in the heart of Ukraine, we create the future of management consulting.

About us

Values of Kyiv Consulting



What we do is never easy. Pooling valuable expertise together to deliver high-quality services to our customers in times when tomorrow is not guaranteed requires Courage. The Courage to speak up, to stand by what we believe, and most importantly – to stay committed to one another and to what we do. We aim for a sustainable legacy, no matter how changeable the trends are.



In business, whatever we do - we nail it. We believe that preparation is the foundation of confidence, as opportunity wastes no time with those, who are unprepared. We build our strength on a well-rounded combination of hard and soft skills, extensive expertise, profound experience, and thorough preparation. We never wait for opportunities. We create them.



As we find our most valuable asset in People, we build and nurture strong and trustworthy relationships both with our customers and our team members. Diversity and integrity, respect, and trust are embedded in our mindsets and behaviors. We leverage knowledge diversity and different skillsets and believe that no bar is too high as long as we collaborate.

About Us

Our Impact

Not accidentally does Kyiv Consulting highlight “Kyiv” in its name, so do our core values “Courage, Confidence and Collaboration” determine the way we work and live. We are the unique brainchild of German and Ukrainian partners. This partnership has evolved into a success with unwavering adherence to quality standards, on the one hand, and a transcendent inventive spirit, on the other. The latter ability we owe to Kyiv’s unique environment.

Based both on a thorough analysis and market research, our personal experiences and supported by incredible local talents we chose this city as the place to deploy. Today, after four successful years and rapid growth, we can unequivocally say this decision demonstrated foresight and was brilliant. The expansion of Kyiv Consulting enables us to strengthen the Ukrainian economy during a difficult period on the global stage.

The COVID crisis could not cramp our style as we maintained our high level of services and continued our development. We were able to do this thanks to the availability of young talented professionals with world-renowned academic education and a mindset uniquely relevant to our day’s challenges. The pandemic taught us some valuable lessons. The speed with which it decimated many industries taught us the value of agility, even above the fittest as a survival tool.

As of now, the Russian invasion and escalation of the conflict in February 2022 more than ever united our Kyiv-based business consultancy to use its existing skill sets, extensive experience, and well-known experts to aid Ukraine. Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe bordering Belarus, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia therefore, the country’s economy is largely dependent on its trade with other countries. Although it is not clear what will happen to its economy after Russia’s War in Ukraine, the country’s business owners are preparing for both positive and negative impacts of the conflict.

With the goal of assisting the Ukrainian economy by providing consulting services, we transformed individual efforts into a team spirit and strength to go through the current difficult period. The character and mindset which are needed to surmount the challenges are found in the new Kyiv business community.

For our people, challenging conditions have always been the ‘usual’ market and living environment. Through its millennial existence between two eternal fires, East and West, Kyiv city struggled to survive and maintain its essential free spirit. This was most acutely manifested in the last decades of Ukraine’s return to Europe.

However, at the time of the war, the world is inspired by Ukrainians' unity, courage, and commitment above all else. Moreover, we leveraged the chaos into the creation of a lifestyle, perhaps even a comfort zone, saving our lives and authenticity. Thanks to this, today Kyiv is a unique fusion of extremely talented people, a mix of cultures, picturesque natural surroundings, dynamic business and IT communities, architectural styles, contemporary art, and a music scene strongly integrated with Europe!

In the light of the foregoing, our values such as Courage, Confidence and Collaboration are more than just words; they are the heart of our way of living, and they are the road map of our way of working. If dedicated people, the city’s vibrant history, vivid environment, and dynamic pace create such alchemy… why not turn up the fire, and then capture and refine the process? The result of the experiment will exceed all expectations.


As a Result, We Have a Team With These 5 Innate Strengths



Your business needs are our top priority. The first step is to ensure we have a clear understanding of these, we will be thorough but rapid. Then we will present a tailored solution and plan including communication checkpoints which will be adhered to throughout execution. Each project will have a dedicated team, composed of outstanding personalities who will execute the plan with maximum mobilisation, flexibility, and passion.

The high level of customer satisfaction we achieve is due to our focus. We focus on three key industries: professional services, transportation and logistics, and natural resources. Our customers will attest that this distinction allows us to have the greatest impact.

Kyiv Consulting will provide you with smart, thoughtful solutions that lead your company to achieve exceptional outcomes with business-jet speed, security, and comfortable personalised service based on your preferences.



The varied specialisations of our team members allow us to be flexible and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to your project. By encouraging team members to experiment, we create an almost Renaissance level of plasticity within our teams.

Whether your needs target marketing research and strategy development; or sales planning social media marketing or digital sales; or customer experience analysis — our team’s integrated expertise creates value for your business through made-to-order comprehensive solutions based on a bigger picture view.

Our office is designed as an open space, where employees have the freedom to be flexible when forming project teams and exchanging experiences. This helps us, together with a non-bureaucratic structure, achieve coherence and alignment between colleagues and even different cultures.



Like a tree breaking through a concrete floor, our new-age Ukraine is becoming a place for great opportunities and explosive growth. There exists a will for freedom that creates a unique culture, where people commit to overcoming challenges and obstacles to achieve goals.

We strive for perfection in every aspect of our activities. Our unique blend of skillsets allows us to perform both meticulous detailed analysis and retain a ‘Big Picture’ approach.



Small, productive and cohesive teams with the right leadership that make the world go round. That’s why we built this unique, synchronic community of mission-driven experts — to make this world a better place. Inspired by this understanding, fuelled by our Ukrainian volunteer spirit, and a “Mission first” attitude, we disciplined ourselves to mobilise ego to a common success of the project team in service of you, our client and our priority.


Sixth Sense

It is the combination of entrepreneurial ingenuity with the composure of a Cossack warrior. Add some extraordinary serendipity, a hawk-eyed look beyond the horizon, and terrestrial responsiveness — all of this in combination is what we call a sixth sense.

Kyiv Consulting is a strong diverse team of professionals that can overcome any challenge and deliver our expertise in a swift, concise, and clear manner.

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